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Forget cookie-cutter IT solutions. Peak 10 architects production and business-critical workloads, tailoring services to fit your company's unique needs. You get a secure, compliant IT infrastructure within our cloud and geographically diverse data centers, with the most responsive expert engineering and support team available 24/7/365.

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2015: Get Ready to Greet the Internet of Things

I get it, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is still somewhat of an abstraction to me. I haven’t experienced it ‘personally’ yet. A recent news report, however, brought the potential and value of the IoT into better focus, albeit in relation to a disturbing series of events … officer-involved shootings.

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Why Peak 10?

Case Study: High-Altitude Service Raises Amerijet Business

Amerijet Holdings, Inc. CIO was tasked with providing an IT infrastructure that would support this goal of doubling its business in three to five years. They found that Peak 10 provided the secure, highly-available data center and hands-on service it needed. This technology-driven company is now completely focused on its growth trajectory and bottom line, leaving the rest to Peak 10.

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